It’s important for you to know…

We do not offer civil legal advice.

The information contained on this website is intended to offer ONLY basic church law information on Catholic matrimony,  Catholic church annulments, and the annulment procedure.

Our services mainly include church law advice for annulment preparation. Getting an annulment is different in each case and many variables can determine the appropriate course of action. We cannot guarantee the Church’s final judgment will be in favor of the individual’s annulment petition.

Catholic Annulment – Another Chance , while not affiliated with the Canon Law Society of America (CLSA) or any other professional society of church law, strives to follow the guidelines and policies of the CLSA “Code of Professional Responsibility.”

Our Fee Structure

The fees associated with this professional service are for business operating expenses and the expertise of our annulment experts.

Though these professional services are not affiliated with the Canon Law Society of America (CLSA), our experts’ individual compensation is modeled on the CLSA, “Guidelines on Advocates’ Reimbursement and Fees.”

Our experts are laywomen and men, religious women and men, and ordained clergy. As such, they receive compensation from Catholic Annulment – Another Chance on a varied fee structure. For example, lay women and men earn income, religious women and men support their religious communities and ordained diocesan clergy supplement their diocesan salaries. In addition, a few of our experts offer specific services to Catholic Annulment – Another Chance free of charge.

The incorporation of this varied compensation structure into the fiscal operation of Catholic Annulment – Another Chance benefits you, the client. As it allows us to establish the standard client fee rate stated on the “Pricing” page.