As church judges we will help you right now…

To many, the Catholic annulment process is both mysterious and daunting. You may have questions, fears and misconceptions. Have you asked yourself questions like:

  • How do I file for a church annulment and what are the costs?
  • How fast can I get a Catholic annulment, and what are the grounds (reasons)?
  • Do I have to contact and then deal with my ex-spouse?
  • Will it impact my children’s legitimacy?
  • Who make good witnesses?

As active and former church judges we will answer all of your questions, as we have the knowledge that comes from decades of experience processing thousands of cases.

Our goal is to provide you with assistance that is tailored to your individual circumstances. We offer this assistance by:

  • Explaining how the annulment process works
  • Identifying the legal grounds (reasons) you have for filing for an annulment
  • Focusing your materials around those grounds
  • Helping you assemble the evidence and documents you will need
  • Aiding you in the writing of your initial testimony
  • Suggesting appropriate witnesses
  • Searching for your former spouse if you don’t know their whereabouts
  • Providing accurate information on where to file your annulment application.

In particular, a church judge will help you compose your written testimony, which is crucial to a successful case. Your testimony will be reviewed by a second judge on staff to ensure you optimal accuracy in your presentation to your Tribunal.