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We are active and former church judges with decades of Catholic annulment experience...

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Our Process

We specialize solely in Catholic annulment preparation services.

Approved By The Catholic Church

Our team is tasked to make the annulment process efficient for you and also spiritually healing. We have trained canon lawyers on staff - priests, religious and laypersons - to help you through this process. Let us help prepare your case, and let the healing begin.

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Have You prepared YOUR CASE YET?

We will prepare your case quickly and efficiently.

We specialize solely in Catholic annulment preparation services. Just as you would use civil lawyers when applying for a civil divorce, we give you the opportunity to work with church lawyers who are also active and former church judges. If you hope to remarry in the Catholic Church, why not utilize experts?

Thanks to the Holy Father now is the time to request a Catholic annulment.

Hopefully you can take advantage of the shorter process. However whether it’s the shorter or longer process, let us help you PROVE your case right at the start.

We will:

  • Identify the legal Catholic annulment grounds
  • Focus your written testimony around those grounds
  • Help you make a strong argument for the annulment, so hopefully you can use the shorter process
  • Provide accurate information on where to file for annulment
  • Suggest appropriate witnesses
  • Explain how the tribunal annulment process works

We offer services for individuals in all 50 States, DC, and US Territories, as well as to military and US citizens overseas.