The Steps of the Annulment Process


The Catholic annulment process is an investigation into whether a marriage was a covenantal marriage. Rather than ending a marriage the way a civil divorce does, an annulment determines if a marriage was a true marriage to begin with by investigating whether all six elements of a marriage were present. The Catholic annulment process can be complex, which is why it’s best to have an experienced and knowledgeable Church advocate on your side.

Read on to learn more, and reach out to Catholic Annulment - Second Chance to work with experienced past and present Church judges to help prepare you for an annulment.

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Step 1: Request for a Declaration of Nullity

The first step in a Catholic annulment is for one, or both, of the spouses to request a Declaration of Nullity. This must be a request put forth in writing. An annulment can be requested by only one spouse or both may petition together. If the annulment is requested by one spouse, the other will be notified and contacted further in the annulment process.

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Step 2: Written Testimony & Witnesses

Next, the spouse requesting the annulment must provide written testimony about the marriage. They must also provide a list of two or more people who are willing to help with the case. It’s important that these witnesses be people who knew the couple before and after their wedding. Examples of witnesses commonly include parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, and other relatives.

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Step 3: The Ex-Spouse Is Contacted

If the request for the annulment was initiated by only one spouse, the other ex-spouse will be contacted. At this point, they will be given the opportunity to be involved in the annulment. However, the annulment will move forward whether the ex-spouse chooses to be involved or not.

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Step 4: Each Party Appoints a Church Advocate & the Annulment Process Begins

During this last step, each spouse, or the spouses together are able to choose a Church advocate. This can be someone within the diocese, or an authorized representative who is experienced in annulments, such as Catholic Annulment - Second Chance. The annulment process will begin and can take anywhere from a few weeks to more than a year depending on the complexities of the case.

Hire a Church Advocate With Experience

Throughout the Catholic annulment process, it’s essential to have someone by your side who knows the ins and outs of the annulment process. The team at Catholic Annulment - Second Chance is made up of past and current Judges who can help you through every step of the annulment process and act as your Church advocate. Contact us to learn more.