The Purpose of an Annulment

Commitments can be hard to break, especially when it comes to matrimonial relationships. But in some cases, nullity of a marriage may be sought by either of the parties involved. In such cases, an annulment may be an option that one may consider.

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Why Seek an Annulment?

An annulment, also known as nullity of marriage or a decree of nullity, is an official declaration that says that a particular marriage was never valid in the eyes of Church Law. It means that no marriage existed between two individuals, and it nullifies any rights or obligations associated with the marriage.

There can be a number of valid reasons why one may seek the nullity of marriage. These reasons may include fraud, mental incapacity, failure to consummate the marriage, or the concealment of vital information from either party before the wedding took place. Other than this, an annulment may also be sought when one of the parties is not following the teachings of the Catholic Church.


What is the Annulment Process?

The annulment process begins with filing a nullity petition with the Church Court, which then assigns an advocate to represent you in the proceedings. The nullification process can take several months and requires you to provide adequate documentation regarding your past relationship. The nullity process also involves several meetings with the Church tribunal’s appointed officials, which may include a marriage tribunal hearing as well. With our professional team at Another Chance, you're never alone. All of our annulment experts are members of the Canon Law Society of America and have extensive experience in Church Law. This means that you’ll always have someone to guide you through the entire nullity process.


What Are the Benefits of an Annulment?

The primary benefit of a religious annulment is that it nullifies a marriage from its spiritual perspective, thereby allowing individuals to move forward in life without being held back by their past marital status. Additionally, the nullity of marriage can also provide financial and legal benefits to both parties involved. Catholic church annulments also allow the individuals to remarry in the church, should they desire.

The requirements for annulment vary from case to case and depend on the reasons why the nullity of marriage is being sought. Generally speaking, all annulments require a valid reason for nullifying the marriage and evidence to prove that the reasons are true. Additionally, annulment proceedings also involve multiple hearings with members of the Catholic Church to determine whether or not nullity should be granted. At Another Chance, we have trained canon lawyers on staff to help you through this process. Our team includes priests as well as other religious figures and laypersons who are dedicated to making the annulment process as efficient and spiritually healing as possible.


Know Your Purpose

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