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We are active and former church judges with decades of Catholic annulment experience …


Sandra Makowski, SSMN, BA, MA, JCL


Sr. Sandra is a member of the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Mary of Namur [SSMN]. She received a licentiate degree in canon law [JCL] from The Catholic University of America. She has been a member of the Canon Law Society of America since 1989 and worked on its study committee for Canonical Advocacy.

Sandra has served as a Church judge for the Diocese of Buffalo, NY, for 20 years and has worked with over 2,000 individuals who have petitioned for Catholic Church annulments. She has conducted numerous workshops and training sessions for tribunal auditors and parish administrators on Catholic marriage annulments and marriage law. Sandra has also taught courses on church law at Christ the King Seminary, East Aurora, NY and has published articles in professional periodicals. She was highlighted in Business First, January 2004 edition, as a significant woman of the year for her groundbreaking work as a church lawyer.

Sandra is the author of the insightful and informative book, The Invisible Women: Naming and Proclaiming the Forgotten Women in Scripture and Church Law [2017]. She also authored the inspirational book, The Side of Kindness: Recovering the Lost Art of Being Kind [2014]. She is a sought after speaker for conferences and retreats.


Joseph Klos, BA, MA, JCL


Father Joe is a priest of the diocese of Buffalo, NY. He was born, raised, and educated in Poland. He received his master degree in Theology from the University of Warsaw in 1985. Joe relocated to the Buffalo, NY, diocese in 1988. He received a licentiate degree in canon law [JCL] from The Catholic University of America in 2002, and he is a member of the Canon Law Society of America. Joe has been a Catholic Church judge from 2002 to the present.

Joe has interviewed over 500 people seeking a Catholic church annulment. In describing his approach to the annulment ministry, Joe shares; “I have seen first-hand the pain and heartache of those suffering and grieving their divorce. I have attempted to help them deal with their loss and rediscover their hope for the future.” Joe is also a pastor who has conducted numerous workshops on church law, as well as seminars on the annulment process. He is presently a lecturer at Christ the King Seminary in East Aurora, NY, where he teaches church law and lectures on the role of laity in church leadership and administration.

Other Judges

Another Chance – Catholic Annulment utilizes a number of other church judges from throughout the United States who offer can offer help to file and annulment. All of our annulment experts are members of the Canon Law Society of America with advanced degrees in church law. They are women religious, clergy and laypersons. Their names will be added to this website over the next few months.

To avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interests, our active judges will only assist clients whose annulment petitions cannot be heard within their jurisdictions.