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How much does an annulment cost?

Our professional consulting fees are fair, reasonable, and clear.

Fees By Service

We provide you the legal analysis and strategy you need to prepare your annulment papers. The hourly rate is $185 per hour.

At the time of engagement the retainer for the first two hours of service [$370] is necessary. Thereafter, billing will be on a monthly basis.

Canon law fees for services rendered include:

  • Investigation and recommendation of the appropriate tribunal for your particular case
  • Review of your local tribunal materials
  • Canon law research on the legal grounds to support your case
  • The preparation of canonical documents related to your case
  • Client conferencing by telephone, email and correspondence
  • Assistance with the preparation of your marital history/testimony in view of the legal grounds applicable to your case
  • A second Judge on our staff reviews your materials prior to submission at no charge.
  • We do not charge for administrative fees, copying costs, long distance telephone charges, or delivery fees.

Secure Payment

After your FREE 30-minute consultation, if you decide to take advantage of our services, please provide your initial retainer and payment information securely by telephone. We accept:

Visa, MasterCard, Discover and Debit Card

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These are certainly difficult economic times. We will work with you to arrange for a payment schedule (based on our hourly fee) that you can manage. There are no hidden charges intended. Clients are charged only for the services rendered for the time dedicated to their case.

We realize our professional fees may prevent some individuals from utilizing our services. If that is your situation at present, we encourage you to use the information on this site to your advantage – especially the question and answer sections. There are a number of Catholic Church annulment resources and informational pages available for free throughout the site.

Pro Bono Work

Pro bono work – that is, free casework – will be considered based on need as determined by the financial documentation submitted by a client and availability given the number of cases/year.