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Why Work With Our Experienced Church Judges?

If you’re seeking an annulment, it can be difficult to even figure out where to start. Your priest or someone at your church should be able to guide you in this process. However, it’s commonplace for many churches and even diocese to be stretched thin in terms of resources. If your diocese is overwhelmed with annulment petitioners, or generally doesn’t have sufficient resources, the annulment process can be quite lengthy. That’s why we started Catholic Annulment - Another Chance. Our team is comprised of current and former judges dedicated to helping people through the annulment process. We can save months of time because we understand the ins and outs of the annulment process, and we provide you with dedicated attention and guidance. Connect with us to learn more about our services!

The Annulment Process At A Glance

  • The first step is to complete a Petition for the Declaration of an Invalid Marriage.
  • The petition will need to include complete documentation, including written testimony from witnesses willing to answer questions about the marriage.
  • The ex-spouse will be contacted by the tribunal and given the opportunity to be involved. They can also co-sign the annulment petition.
  • The petitioner can appoint an advocate to represent them before the tribunal. The advocate can come from the petitioner’s diocese or other authorized representation.
  • The tribunal will review all the information submitted, choose an annulment process, and proceed with the investigation.
  • At the end of the investigation period, a determination will be made.

Our Process

Annulment Assistance For A Smoother Process

Going through the annulment process, just like divorce proceedings, is an incredibly emotional time in anyone’s life. Unlike a divorce, however, an annulment is more than the process of legally ending a marriage — it is also a chance to work through the emotions of the relationship, good and bad, and to find healing. Many seek an annulment because they have found a new partner and wish to be married in the Catholic Church. Even more than that, going through the annulment process is a valuable means of processing the events that led to the end of a marriage and finding emotional and spiritual healing.

The major weight of an annulment petition falls on the documentation and written testimony that will need to be provided to the tribunal in charge of the annulment investigation. When submitting the petition for an annulment, the petitioner will need to supply written testimony about the marriage. They’ll also need to provide contact information for and testimony from witnesses who are willing to answer questions about the marriage. The information provided by witnesses is an invaluable part of this process because it helps the tribunal get a better understanding about the state of the marriage at the beginning and over time.

This is also the point at which most people could use some extra guidance. It can be difficult to understand what information a tribunal will find useful during the annulment investigation. This is where the Another Chance – Catholic Annulment team can help. We are all current or former church judges with years of experience in church law as well as the education to serve as church lawyers. Cumulatively, our team has been a part of thousands of annulment cases. We will help you prepare your annulment petition, including understanding the information and testimonials that will be most beneficial in your case.

Why Work With A Church Lawyer?

When you talk to your priest about where to start with getting an annulment, he will likely refer you to someone at your local church or someone who is part of your diocese to help you get started. Often, these folks are stretched thin by other duties, however. The Another Chance – Catholic Annulment team is dedicated to helping those seeking an annulment, so we can provide the individualized guidance you want to help the process go quickly and smoothly. While we can’t control every step of the process, submitting a thorough, comprehensive petition can cut down on a lot of processing time.

We understand the information a tribunal will need to see, so we can guide you through compiling a thorough petition. Since we know the ins and outs of the annulment process, we can answer your questions about the various grounds for an annulment and help you to understand which might be the most applicable for your situation. That knowledge can also help us prepare a presentation of your marriage that is concise but clear and includes the pertinent details. Since this is a key component that can determine how long it will take to receive a decision about your annulment petition, it’s incredibly valuable to provide enough information without providing so many testimonials that the packet takes ages to go through.

When the tribunal receives your petition, they will evaluate it for acceptance, but they will also evaluate it to see if it qualifies for the briefer annulment processing qualifications set forth by Pope Francis in 2015’s Mitis Iudex Dominus Iesus. If it qualifies, your annulment could be processed in a matter of a few weeks. Given this, the more guidance you get when compiling your petition, the more it can smooth the process going forward — and that’s what we can help with.

If you’re ready to begin the process of healing and seeking an annulment, connect with Another Chance – Catholic Annulment to learn more about how we can help you through the process.


We specialize solely in Catholic annulment preparation services. Just as you would use civil lawyers when applying for a civil divorce, we give you the opportunity to work with church lawyers who are also active and former church judges. If you hope to remarry in the Catholic Church, why not utilize experts?

All of our professionals have advanced degrees in theology and church law, as well as vast experience as church judges. We are women and men who collectively have judged thousands of cases and have served for decades in church courts throughout the United States.

Experts in the field of Catholic annulments, we provide you with individual, annulment assistance, help and guidance. The advantages are many:

  • By getting things right from the start, we can save you months of time during the actual annulment process.
  • We focus the presentation of your marriage and divorce experience in a clear and concise manner.
  • We offer you the advantage of specialized knowledge because we know what the Church will be looking for in your annulment application.
  • We help you utilize church law to your particular case.
  • We can usually have your annulment request ready within 30 days.