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Mary Sean O’Reilly, J.D., Houston, TX

As Founder of The Conciliation Institute, a statewide Mediation and Arbitration service established in 1996 and headquartered in Houston, Texas, I have worked with family law issues in the court system for over thirty years. I often deal with religious issues facing my clients who are going through the divorce process.

Some Catholic clients want to address the matter of a church annulment at the time of divorce. They understand that divorce dissolves their civil marriage, but they also recognize that it has no legal effect within the Catholic Church. As such, they often have questions about the annulment process. is a service comprised of experts in Catholic marriage and trial law. As former and active church judges, these women and men can answer the full spectrum of questions posed by my clients. They are well-equipped, professional church lawyers who assist divorced clients in the preparation of an annulment request. is the first phone call I make when I need an expert in field of Catholic annulments.