1. Common Reasons a Catholic Annulment Is Granted

    A Catholic annulment is the process of investigating whether a marriage is valid in the eyes of the Church — it is not just “Catholic divorce.” During an annulment, the process investigates whether or not all of the elements needed for a sacramental marriage were present when the vows were sai…Read More

  2. Divorce vs. Annulment: Understanding Catholic Marriage Rules

    Catholic annulment is distinctly different from a civil divorce, and the key reason for this stems from Catholic marriage rules and beliefs. According to the Church’s teachings, marriage is an unbreakable union; we even say as much in the wedding vows. During a Catholic wedding ceremony, both brid…Read More

  3. Why Get An Annulment Instead Of Divorce?

    Sometimes, relationships don’t turn out the way they should. It’s an unfortunate fact of life, but sometimes, no matter how hard we try, a relationship cannot be mended. There is an ongoing myth that the Catholic marriage rules demand that married couples stay together, even to the point of the …Read More

  4. Who Can File for a Catholic Annulment?

    A Catholic annulment is often referred to as “Catholic divorce,” but that term is just plain wrong! There are some strong differences between the annulment process and civil divorce. Among those differences are some big discrepancies about who can initiate an annulment, when, and how. If you are…Read More

  5. Who Approves An Annulment in the Catholic Church?

    The annulment process can seem daunting, particularly when you don’t know what to expect. This is why Catholic Annulment - Another Chance is here to help. Going through an annulment can be a very emotional time, in part because you may not know how to prepare or what may come. The process is unlik…Read More

  6. How A Catholic Annulment Works: An Overview Part 2

    As we started delving into last time, the annulment process is often misunderstood. It’s not “Catholic divorce,” and it’s not the years-long process that rumor says it is! The annulment process is an investigation into a marriage to determine whether the relationship is a valid, sacramental …Read More

  7. How A Catholic Annulment Works: An Overview Part 1

    There are a lot of different ideas out there surrounding the Catholic annulment — many of them far-fetched or totally wrong. For starters, an annulment is not just “Catholic divorce,” it is a separate process with separate aims. If you are interested in learning more about the annulment proces…Read More

  8. How Can an Annulment Help Me Personally?

    A civil divorce is concerned with the division of assets and liabilities; and if there are minor children, the fulfillment of parental obligations. It is devoid of emotional healing. However, the annulment process is centered on the emotional aspects of your marriage. It helps you realize why the pr…Read More