1. How Annulment Can Impact Your Children

    Choosing to separate from your spouse is a difficult decision, and one not made lightly. After all, there is more impact beyond yourself and your spouse. Both Catholic annulment and civil divorce have ripple effects that impact family and friends, whether they are connected to both of you or just on…Read More

  2. Annulment – Moving forward after a previous marriage

    A civil divorce is concerned with the division of assets and liabilities; and if there are minor children, the fulfillment of parental obligations. It is devoid of emotional healing. However the annulment process is centered on the emotional aspects of your marriage. It helps you realize why the pre…Read More

  3. The Mental Health Impacts of Getting An Annulment

    The end of any relationship is a trying time, no matter how amicable the split is. Just like a break-up or divorce, no one gets off scot-free emotionally during the annulment process. Understanding this can help you better prepare yourself for the emotional impact of going through the annulment proc…Read More

  4. Be Gentle on Yourself

    Be kind and gentle on yourself. Going through a divorce is very painful on many levels. One of the harshest pains is the fear of other peoples’ judgments. The same can be said about going through a church annulment. What will people think? However don’t be harsh on yourself because of what other…Read More